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How To Get Rid of Chilblains - Causes and Cure

I had suffered from chilblains every winter for years, and after trying and testing a wide variety of cures and remedies, here are the results of my experiments with them. This articles has information about how chilblains are caused, how to prevent chillblains, how to cure/treat chilblains and chakra healing for chilblains.

How Are Chilblains Caused? 

Chilblains are caused in extreme cold conditions. Some say they are caused by leaking of blood from small blood vessels into the tissues, but there is no proof of that. According to my experience, chillblains are caused in:
  • Cold weather with strong humidity. Like on foggy days. 
  • People with long toes. Stronger circulation is needed to get the blood pumping in long toes.
  • Thin people with not much fat under their skin. Fat acts like a barrier against the outside cold.  
  • People with sweaty hands and feet. This dampness causes chilblains to set in. 
  • People who don't wash their feet at least twice a week, and dry them. Micro-organisms and dirt do not allow the skin to breathe comfortably, resulting in chilblains. 
  • Sudden warming of hands or feet after exposure to extreme cold. For example, having a hot water bath when your toes are frozen, or warming them in front of a heater. 
  • Wearing damp socks in tight shoes, during foggy cold weather.
How To Prevent Chilblains
  • Keep your feet warm and dry. 
  • Do not wear tight shoes, ever. For women: do not wear high heeled shoes. Wear flat, comfortable shoes that are one-size larger than your normal shoe-size. This is because shoes contract in the cold, while your feet remain the same size. Also, you'll need extra space in your shoes for thicker socks. Space is also required for the warmth to circulate, and the dampness to dry.
  • Do not stand in one position for long periods of time, like in a metro train or bus. If you have to stand, remove your shoes. Don't add any extra pressure to your feet, by squeezing them under your body to warm them, or rubbing them with force to get the circulation going. 
  • Use socks made from natural fabrics like wool or cotton. Avoid acrylic socks.
  • If you have sweaty feet, remove your socks and powder your feet to dry them. Don't sit about with damp socks. Carry along another pair of socks, and change the socks if you feel you need to. Feet usually start sweating after exerting activities like climbing the stairs. 
  • Do not warm your hands or feet suddenly. Avoid putting them in hot water or near a hot heater, when they seem to be frozen.
  • When you feel your feet beginning to itch, take off your socks. Especially at night. Don't sleep with socks on. 

How To Cure Chilblains

There are two types of chilblains - hot chilblains and cold chilblains (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine). If your chilblained toes are feeling hot, then you have hot chillblains. Put your toes in a bowl of cold water with salt, and they will stop itching and burning, though it may take some time for the swelling to come down. 

If you have cold chilblains, put your feet in a bowl of warm water (hot but not very hot) with salt. They should get better within a few days. Try both methods until you find one that works for you. If the hot water makes your chilblains worse, try the cold water trick, and vice-versa. 

Other tips to stop your chilblained toes and fingers from itching and burning:
  • Rub aloe-vera gel on them. Aloe-vera creates a thicker layer around your skin and protects it from the cold. 
  • Rub a piece of potato peel with salt on your skin. The itching and burning should subside. 
  • Rub a piece of raw onion on your chilblains. The itchiness should go, though the swelling may not.   

Chakra Healing For Chilblains

Chilblains can also be treated through Chakra Healing. According to chakra healing, different ailments are related to different emotional issues a person may be facing. On resolving these emotional issues through the recitation of certain sounds and meditation, the resulting ailment will be healed.

Chilblains are related to the 'muladhara' chakra. People who are suffering from chilblains on toes, might also be suffering from depression and lower back pain. This is usually due to underlying psychological issues such as parenting and marriage issues, correct behaviour in society, ability to provide basic needs for living, and trying to fit in with family/society. It may also be due to other issues such as tribal issues, instincts and past life issues.

If you solve these issues in your life, your chilblains should be automatically cured. You can practice chakra meditation to help you handle your life better. For treating chilblains, think of the colour red, while chanting the sound 'lam' as you breathe in and out, while meditating. This chakra is related to smell, so try to concentrate on the various scents around you while you are meditating, and start using your sense of smell, which you have most probably not being actively using. You can also surround yourself with red things. For more about chakra meditation and healing, click here.

After doing chakra healing for a few day, you'll notice your chilblains slowly disappearing.

Well, this article about chillblains is a result of my personal experience with chillblains, and my findings after various experiments conducted on some of my friends, who also suffer from chilblains during the winter. I hope this article helps people get rid of chilblains, forever!

Please let me know if you followed any of my chilblains tips, and which suggestions worked for you, by posting a comment.

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  1. Well, this year I bought a pair of soft loose-fitting shoes for the winter, and I haven't got chilblains as yet. It also helps not to stand for too long (especially in subway trains) or to walk for long periods of time. If you feel you feet beginning to heat up and get itchy, take off the shoes and socks to cool them. You could also consider dunking them in a bucking of cold water, to stop the blood vessels from rupturing and causing chilblains. I did this a few times and it worked :)


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